Get the facts about sexualized violence and find support


What is sexualized violence?

Sexualized violence is when someone acts or behaves sexually towards another person without their consent. Learn about consent and the different types of sexualized violence.
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How to support a survivor

Has someone told you they’ve experienced sexualized violence? Your response can have a big impact on their wellbeing and healing. Here’s how to support them.
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How to hide your visit to our website

Who can see what you’ve been looking at online? There’s no shame in looking for information or support, but you may want to protect your privacy.
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Queer and trans experiences of sexualized violence

Queer and trans people are more likely to experience sexualized violence. They’re also less likely to seek support afterwards. This brochure sheds light on the issue.
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Sexual assault laws and definitions

This brochure explains the legal terms used to describe sexualized violence. It defines sexual harassment, child abuse, and the three levels of sexual assault. It also shows the maximum prison sentences for each.
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Sexualized violence and secondary wounding

Secondary wounding is when a survivor of sexualized violence gets a hurtful response when they tell someone what happened to them. This can have a big impact on their wellbeing and healing.
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Draw The Line

This campaign offers a collection of posters, postcards, videos and comics. It challenges common myths and explains how everyone can help prevent sexualized violence.
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