Community Legal Support Program

Please note that the Community Legal Support Program is currently at capacity and is not accepting new clients on the waitlist at this time.

For support please reach out to the 211 Independent Legal Advice Program or Victim Services Halifax. Please continue to check this webpage for updates. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Get help with the legal system after sexualized violence

The basics

Who is the legal advocacy program for?

This program is for people who’ve experienced sexualized violence and would like help understanding and using the legal system.

You must be aged 15+. We provide in-person, phone, or virtual support in the Halifax region.

It’s ok if you haven’t reported the sexualized violence to the police. We’ll help you understand your options and fully support the decision you make.

How can it help me?

You can meet with an experienced Community Legal Support Worker who can:

  • Give you useful information and referrals.
  • Go with you to meetings, appointments, or court.
  • Help you fill out forms.
  • Help you prepare for court proceedings.
  • Talk to legal professionals.
  • Offer you practical and emotional support.
  • Provide a safe space to speak about your experiences with the legal system.

Where is it?

You can connect with the Community Legal Support Worker:

  • Online
  • On the phone.
  • At Avalon’s office in Halifax.
  • At community spaces in the Halifax area.

You’re welcome to bring someone along to support you.

How can I access the service?

Message us to ask to speak to a Community Legal Support Worker.

“My initial hope was to find ways to cope with the trauma of three separate assaults, and to gather information should I decide to pursue legal actions. These hopes were met beyond expectations.”

– An Avalon client