illustration representing patriarchyRecent news about sexualized violence at King’s College and the Canadian Armed Forces have prompted the Avalon community to reflect upon the consistent, repeated ways we see gender-based violence managed by patriarchal systems.

We commented recently in social media about the news relating to King’s and other institutions’ management of perpetrators, and almost right away saw more news with similar themes, this time relating to the Canadian Armed Forces: allegations of “sexual misconduct” against Canada’s former top soldier General Jonathan Vance.

For those who would like to learn more about the effects of sexualized violence in the CAF, please visit It’s Just 700,  an organization of advocates and survivors of military sexual trauma, that has been essential in providing support, documentation and connection. On their website, IJ700 provide links to resources and information, including a February 2019 Progress Report on Operation Honour, which, while he was Chief of the Defense Staff, Gen. Vance repeatedly pledged to support. We feel that the extract below is particularly relevant given the current circumstances regarding allegations of sexual misconduct with Gen. Vance himself:

“Operation HONOUR was initiated by a Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Operation Order in 2015. The mission has been continually refined to reflect developments and lessons learned.”
-from Canadian Armed Forces Progress Report: Addressing Sexual Misconduct

The Avalon community will continue to stand with survivors of military sexual trauma, and all sexual trauma. We stand in solidarity with survivors who are reflected in the media stories we see, and also the stories that go unseen.