Please write to Premier Darrell Dexter at to express your concerns around the issue of sexualized violence in Nova Scotia. 

You could copy and paste this letter if you wish:

Dear Premier Dexter:

We are thankful that you want to respond to the outcry of grief and rage from all Nova Scotians calling for more resources for sexual assault survivors and education around issues of sexualized violence.

We would request that you don’t delay action or reinvent the wheel – our needs have been clearly communicated to government over a number of years. What we need from you Mr. Premier right now is:

1. Emergency funding for counselors, advocates and community prevention specialists to meet the tidal wave of requests for help that Avalon Sexual Assault Centre is receiving right now.  Core funding to meet ongoing service demands since Avalon has been underfunded, with lengthy wait-lists, and an inability to respond to many requests for education, over a number of years. (As you know, NS has the highest rate of sexual assault, per capita, in Canada).

2.  Your commitment to follow through on the recommendations for comprehensive sexual assault services for every part of this province as a result of the 2008 Suffering in Silence Needs Assessment for a Comprehensive Response to Sexual Assault in Nova Scotia.   These come straight from survivors and professionals from every region: please have a transparent, strategic response based on all the information you have been provided over the years.

Mr. Premier, I am asking you to work transparently and supportively with Avalon and the other community based women’s organizations across this province trying to help survivors and educating the people of Nova Scotia, and youth in particular, in a proactive way to ensure a societal change in thinking around this difficult issue.

Thank you for your timely attention.

(your name)