KelleyAnne Malinen is a professor in the Sociology and Anthropology Department at Mount Saint Vincent University, and editor of the recently published Dis/Consent: Perspectives on Sexual Consent and Sexual Violence. Proceeds from the book and its launch event were offered to Avalon as a donation, and Executive Director Jackie Stevens participated on a panel discussion at the event.

In Dis/Consent, community members, academics and activists educate us about outdated, moralistic notions of consent, such as the idea that the ability to consent is equitable across lines of gender, race, health status and sexual orientation. Authors explained that engaging with tensions or paradoxes in current narratives (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, anti-incarceration activists/sex offenders, kink community, military sexual assault/Operation Honour, HIV/AIDS activists, sex work/trafficking) challenge our ideas about where we draw our lines around what we hold as right and wrong.  After each author gave a synopsis of their chapter, Jackie had the opportunity to highlight aspects of their work that intersect with the front line work that Avalon does in the community in the face of limited service models and conditional/restrictive funding. This type of engagement invites us into expanded practices and policies that do more good than harm.

The panel and launch was held at MSVU on October 17, sponsored by The Alexa McDonough Institute, Chartwell’s Catering, Essentials Nova, Fernwood Publishing and MSVU Office of student experience. In fine feminist form, food and childcare were provided!