Avalon Sexual Assault Centre is welcoming a new team of skilled and diverse volunteers to the Board of Directors for the 2019/2020 year. The new board was elected at the Annual General Meeting held on September 26, 2019, with the full support of the outgoing board. This transition in governance reflects the growing demand Avalon has experienced since the #MeToo movement began and the evolving needs of its staff.

The new board recognizes the work of the outgoing board members and thanks them for their service during a difficult time. The new board looks forward to supporting staff as they initiate a sustainable pace to better serve their clients and address the volume of counselling requests being made.

Avalon is a feminist organization committed to supporting survivors and addressing, and ultimately ending, sexualized violence. This fundamental work will continue over the upcoming year in partnership with clients, community, government, and donors. More information on Avalon’s Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles is available here.

-on behalf of the 2018/2019 Board of Directors & the 2019/2020 Board of Directors