Denim Day

In Italy in the 1990s, a controversial rape case was being fought in the courts. A rape conviction was overturned because the appeal court judges ruled that since jeans cannot be removed easily, the victim must have aided in their removal therefore implying consent.

Following that decision, a group of female lawmakers started a jeans strike, wearing denim in the Italian parliament in protest of the ruling. That started an international movement fighting victim blaming in sexual assault cases.

We’ll be wearing our denim at Avalon on Wednesday April 25th in solidarity and support of all survivors of sexualized violence and invite you to join us!

Become a Dollars for Denim Fundraiser

Dollars for Denim provides an opportunity for businesses, schools, community groups and individuals to raise essential funds in support of prevention education and services for survivors. Make a social statement with your denim and collect donations for Avalon on Denim Day!

It’s easy to get involved:

  • Invite your employees, colleagues, students or friends to wear denim on Wednesday April 25th and to make a small donation ($5 or more) as a statement against sexualized violence.
  • Get in touch with us to let us know you’re participating! Register your workplace, school or community group by emailing
  • On April 25th simply collect the money and forward it to Avalon:

The Denim Day in LA & USA campaign and Dollars For Denim were originated by Peace Over Violence. To find out more, visit