Succulent garden growing in an Avalon counselling space. Plants fill all of the counselling spaces, and are an important touchstone for the counselling team, aesthetically, functionally and symbolically. Counsellors share plants with each other and care for the plants of team members who are absent. At one time this succulent garden produced a heart-shaped formation, to the delight of the team.

…strengthening our financial sustainability…”

A central insight of Avalon’s strategic planning was the importance, to most if not all of its operations, of a longer planning and coordinating horizon. Underpinning the ability to take a longer view of the work: financial sustainability.

During 2017-18, Avalon…

  • secured a service agreement with the Nova Scotia Health Authority for yearly funding of our trauma-specific therapeutic counselling program
  • began discussions with the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services regarding a three-year service agreement for work including prevention, intervention and awareness.
  • completed the first year of a strategic fundraising plan, resulting in a successful annual appeal campaign, a record number of monthly donors and online donations, and a host of individuals, community groups, and businesses raising money for Avalon

“Seeing how your structures enable or hinder service, determining what programming is sustainable, listening to partners, becoming an excellent workplace, these things don’t happen overnight, they need time.”

Board Member Lee-Ann Conrod