Ask Campaign

We ask lots of questions to strangers and people we know, but we don’t always ask about consent with our sexual partners. Consent is often assumed and assumptions can be based on sexual assault myths and stereotypes.

The Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women and the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre want Nova Scotians to ASK about sexual violence:


  • Why are sexual assault myths and stereotypes still perpetuated?

  • What services and supports do victims/survivors of sexualized violence say they need?

  • What can I do to stop sexual violence in my community?

  • What are the criminal justice system, and local, provincial, and federal governments doing to address sexual violence as a social and legal issue?

Sex without consent is sexual assault.

Sexual consent cannot be assumed or chemically-induced. A person cannot give sexual consent if they are drunk, unconscious, asleep, or under the age of consent.

Don’t be a bystander. If you are aware of sexual violence, take action!