Blog Guidelines

Avalon’s Blogging Guidelines


Blog’s Purpose: To encourage conversations, educate, inform, inspire or persuade. To generate clicks to our website. As a touchpoint for donors/future donors. To support clients. To articulate Avalon’s opinion on an issue. To articulate a guest blogger’s opinion on an issue. To advocate for systemic change. Posts should align with Avalon’s strategic priorities as well as Avalon’s Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principals 

Contributors (by invitation)/Audiences: Clients (past and present), activist feminists, social justice advocates, community groups, board members, staff, students, community members, donors.

Content Types: Responses to items in the news, profiles, Q&As, guest contributions from friends of Avalon, listicle-type articles, how-to or service pieces. Other suggestions are welcome.

Linking policy: Hyperlinking to other pages on the Avalon website is encouraged. Each link to a non-commercial webpage external to Avalon’s will be reviewed for appropriateness.

Sharing: Blog posts will be shared via a link from Avalon’s Facebook and Twitter channels. Others are encouraged to share posts within their networks to extend reach as far as possible.

Headlines: Bloggers should suggest a headline that may be used or edited.  Please write in active voice (subject-verb-object, in that order), and be clear and bold. For online search-ability, headlines should reference the content and include keywords you’ve used in your post. Most will be brief, e.g., five to 12 words.

Length: Less than 300 words and your post is unlikely to be picked up by search engines. Longer than 600 words is generally frowned upon. Audiences can, on occasion, handle something longer.


Submission Review Process:

  • Email your blog submission by the deadline to us: here. If multiple submissions are received yours may be placed in a queue.
  • Avalon will confirm your submission and reserves the right to perform light copy-editing.
  • Avalon reserves the right to decline to publish.


  • A short biography less than 50 words about yourself. (You will have a by-line.)
  • A high-resolution (300 dpi) headshot of yourself if available.
  • A link to your personal/organizational website if available.
  • Images or suggestions for images. 300 dpi. Wikimedia and have nice free images.