Community Education/Legal & Professional Training

Please call us at 902 422 4240

The Community and Legal Education and Professional Training Program includes four types of education programs:

  • Public awareness and public education
  • Community and school-based education
  • Legal education, and
  • Professional training.

rehteah-rockPublic Awareness and Public Education

We provide public awareness and public education through initiatives such as:

  • Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Development of Educational Tools and Materials
  • Health Promotion and Community Mobilization Initiatives

Please see Campaigns and Resources for more information.

Community and School-Based Education

Community and school-based education programs are delivered when requested by schools, universities and organizations. Topics and sessions can vary depending on the particular request, because they are tailored for the audience. Our community and school-based education services can include:

  • Display tables or resources displays
  • Presentations
  • Public talks
  • Workshops
  • Conferences

Legal Education

Because sexualized violence is a criminal offence, legal education is an important component of Avalon Centre’s educational programs. To reduce barriers to the criminal justice system for women and trans* people who have experienced sexualized violence, professionals should improve their knowledge of the legal system.

Professionals are sometimes unsure of how to respond to a victim of sexual violence or are unaware of available services. They may be unfamiliar with laws about sexualized crimes and are unsure of their legal and professional obligations about reporting sexual abuse/assault and responding to victims/survivors.

Educational materials include:

  • “How Can I Help?” brochure
  • “What Do I Do Now?” brochure, and
  • Improving the Service Provider’s Response to Survivors of Sexual Violence training.

Professional Training

On request, we provide custom-designed workshops and training sessions on issues related to sexualized violence and violence prevention for schools, businesses, community groups and government organizations.

Examples of past training programs:

  • Sexual assault awareness, response, and support training for service providers
  • Secondary wounding education series for professionals
  • Provincial conferences on current topics such as legal education, child sexual abuse, coordinated efforts to respond to sexual violence, and youth sexual assault issues
  • Legal information sessions

We charge a fee for professional training depending on current resources and availability.

Contact the Community Educator at 422-4240 ext. 22 or by email at