…making Avalon an excellent place for people to work…”

Everything referenced in this report – every event, program, service, initiative; every plan, consideration, proposal or commentary – is the work of people dedicated to the Avalon vision. Caring for those people, motivating them, rewarding them, and supporting them in that dedication is the reason we’ve achieved what we have to date, and will be the bedrock of our success going forward.

Naturally, workplace excellence is one of the four strategic priorities we are pursuing. For 2017-2018, some of the key areas of focus were:

  • further extending health benefits, leave of absence options, and flexible work opportunities
  • improving salary structures
  • improving professional development access and mentorship within the team
  • continuing to enhance our knowledge and practice of self care and vicarious trauma

“I’m really grateful to work for an organization that is so true, in its work, to the values it was founded on. To be part of a team that puts its feminist, anti-oppressive lens at the forefront of everything that’s done, it just gives you great confidence in the work.”

Avalon Therapeutic Counsellor