I Don’t Owe You

people in front of postersAt our Harmonizing: Collectively Resisting Sexualized Violence event we showcased two of our new campaigns that we’ve been launching at 17 schools as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

In engaging with 17 schools we were honouring the staggering statistic that a woman is raped every 17 minutes in Canada. In creating these educational tools, as part of our prevention work, we hope to spark conversations around entitlement, misogyny, language, coercion, consent, and bodily autonomy. The first campaign, “I Don’t Owe You” was designed by local artist Krista Davis. The second campaign, “Post-Sexism” was developed by a group of students in the Informatics program at Dalhousie University. Both campaigns can be used for educational purposes. Feel free to circulate and share widely while acknowledging the people behind the work!

Sharable Media

Poster Discontinued:

Avalon Sexual Assault Centre’s “I Don’t Owe You Campaign” is a sexualized violence/abuse awareness and prevention campaign that focuses on the complexities of sexual consent, misogyny, male entitlement, bodily autonomy, and empowerment.  The concepts for the campaign was identified from our work with youth and young adults through our community/school based education programming.   All of the images in the poster are of participants who consented to being photographed and portrayed in the campaign except for one.  The image linked with the message “Just because we danced close, made out, went back to your house…doesn’t mean I owe you” was taken from the internet.  Unfortunately, in doing this, Avalon Centre’s policies and guidelines for using public images and obtaining permission to use images from online were not followed.

Avalon sincerely regrets any inconvenience and further trauma the use of this image may have caused. Avalon strives to always act in ways that are non-judgemental, trauma-informed, and support empowerment.  It is unfortunate that this was not the case with the use of this image. Moving forward, we have ensured that all other participants in the campaign are in agreement of the use of their images.  We will ensure that our policies for obtaining permission for the use of public images and to gaining from individuals to appear in our campaigns is strictly and carefully followed.

Please note that we are discontinuing the use of this poster and ask that you remove it from your displays, resource distribution and social media sites. Above please find the new poster to use instead.